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Smart bilge level checker launched

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The latest module in the Smart Vessel Mission Assurance system has been launched.

It is called the Smart Bilge Level Checker.

The system continuously monitors the various bilge well water levels, providing improved crew, vessel, and cargo safety.

The system not only improves crew safety but also reduces crew workload as daily bilge sounding can now be replaced by an automated daily bilge noon report.

Bilge alerts, cautions, alarms, and critical alarms are sent out via Telegram messaging to onboard and onshore personnel. An alert is raised when the bilge well water level exceeds 30cm, a caution is raised when it exceeds 50cm and an alarm is raised when the water level overflows the bilge well and a critical alarm is raised when the level reaches 10cm on the tank top.

For more information, please contact us at sblc@vegter-engineering.com

This is a cost-effective and easy-to-install and use system that adds real value with the added bonus of an extremely short payback period.

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