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Online oil condition monitoring

Protect your assets with real-time lubricating oil health and wear debris sensors

Noninvasive ship digitalisation solution

Unified ship data platform with contactless data collection from equipment of any type and manufacturer


Complete range of intelligent wired and wireless vibration and temperature monitoring solutions

Machine Condition Monitoring Service

We provide complete machine health monitoring solutions, integrating best-in-class technologies for monitoring machine mechanical, electrical, and lubrication condition, all packaged into an easy-to-use web application

Recent News

Smart bilge level checker launched

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The latest module in the Smart Vessel Mission Assurance system has been launched. It is called the Smart Bilge Level Checker. The system continuously monitors the various bilge well water levels, providing improved crew, vessel, and cargo safety. The system not only improves crew safety but also reduces crew workload as daily bilge sounding can30

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The 3rd Generation Smart Vessel Mission Assurance solution has proven itself

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The 3rd generation Smart Vessel Mission Assurance (SVMA) solution was launched early in 2021 with the installation of the first system on an Offshore Supply Vessel. The system has now successfully completed more than 12 months of intensive testing. The system combines many different technologies into one comprehensive solution with onboard as well as remote30

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